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Google Pushes Facebook Off The Top Of Display Ad Revenue Tree

Google has toppled Facebook as the top earner of revenue from online display advertising—just a year after the social media giant deprived it of pole position. These results, calculated by the eMarketer research group, gives the search-engine-and-ting firm from Mountain View 15.4% of the market. Nevertheless, Facebook is still snapping at Google's heels, with just one percentage point less of revenue than its rival.

Google's dominance, says eMarketer, shows just how strong its advertising network is, especially on its mobile and video platforms. YouTube is just beginning to reap the spoils of its online video dominance. The report goes on to predict that by 2014 the two firms will have a hefty 37% of the market between them.

Despite their fierce rivalry, the two firms have come together in an attempt to stand up for their rights in Washington. They have joined The Internet Association, a lobbying group that also represents Yahoo, Amazon, and 10 other Silicon Valley firms. The group will deal with the usual issues of piracy and cybersecurity as well as trying to keep the politicians away from the thorny subject of Internet regulation.