iPhone 5 Reviews Hit–And They Say It’s Really Nice

Possibly not the descriptive paeans that Apple was hoping for, but until they provide a smartphone that can teleport users to the 29th century, that’s what they’ll get.

iPhone 5 Reviews Hit–And They Say It’s Really Nice

The first in-depth reviews of the iPhone 5 have hit the media. If you can’t be bothered to trawl through all of them individually, The Wirecutter has a helpful roundup of all the interesting stuff in each of them. Please find a few links below for your delectation. Enjoy!

Walter Mossberg gives it a high five on All Things D, while the New York Times‘s David Pogue awards it a great mark, but adds that maybe it’s not worth upgrading an iPhone 4S. CNet calls it “the iPhone we’ve always wanted,” and USA Today‘s Ed Baig backs it as the winning horse in the Smartphone Sweepstakes.

Over the pond, the Guardian describes it as a “lovely piece of equipment,” the Telegraph calls it “excellent“* and the Daily Mail writes the smartphone’s end-of-term report card as “bright, responsive and feels right.”

Final word will go to John Gruber, who wishes he had longer fingers and thumbs. Best of all, he out-superlatives everyone. It’s “really nice,” he grins.

*The reviewer’s name was not Bill, nor Ted, but Shane.

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