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U.S. Tops League of BitTorrent Users, Says Report

A report detailing illegal download activity worldwide has put the American people as the globe's most prolific music pirates. The Digital Music Index has broken down BitTorrent users country by country and has found the United States had illegally shared almost 97 million files over the past six months. Coming in at a respectable second place was the U.K., followed closely by Italy and Canada. Incidentally, France, who last week bagged its first illegal downloader under the controversial Hadopi Law, came in ninth.

The BBC has broken down the report, highlighting the top 20 countries and artists. Rather deliciously, in the U.S. it is Drake - also the name of an Elizabethan Privateer - who tops the list, with Ed Sheeran most popular in the U.K. MusicMetrics, the firm behind the report, has also made the data available under a Creative Commons license.