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Shazam Expands Its Repertoire To Work Its Magic On TV Shows

Shazam, without doubt one of the most famous apps in the world, has just announced a neat new trick. The app, which has President Obama as one of its fans, has been tweaked to be able to work on TV shows, feeding users all kinds of information about what they are watching, from featured music, to trivia and even linking to related Twitter feeds, selecting the correct hashtag.

The firm, which has just passed the 250-million-user breakthrough, is adding two million new users a week to its already much-used service. Although it has been offering a similar service in tagging advertisements from partners such as Pepsi, Microsoft and Reebok, this service now covers over 160 TV channels in the U.S. Expect these features to hit Europe "in the coming months." says the firm.

Shazam has already, it claims, generated $300 million of digital music sales, so this news will have digital TV download providers - such as iTunes - licking their chops with excitement.