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On, Spit Rhymes In Freestyle Battles That Would Make Eminem Proud

Rap battles are no longer just for the streets or the clubs—now you can freestyle online in real time.

Combine's crowd-rated DJ setup with Chatroulette, subtract the 50,000 naked dudes, and sprinkle in some 8 Mile and you get Detroit-based, a real-time platform for aspiring Eminems. On you can battle with a friend or a stranger to impress an audience of avatars who can dole out "props" that help up your Hype Meter status. is still in private alpha for now, so it's impossible to say how sustainable rap battles are for business. Then again, there's good reason to be skeptical about the viability of a site that closely resembles aspects of two services that famously peaked early, to investors' dismay (see: " Where Did Our Love Go?" and "The Decline And Fall Of Chatroulette").

[Image: Flickr user Robert Bejil Photography]

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