Microsoft Introduces The World To Office For Windows RT

Microsoft’s version of Windows RT for devices running ARM will be out in October. Microsoft is now revealing what Office RT will look like, and it’s the first hint of a tablet-friendly version of Office since that mystical Microsoft Office for the iPad rumored to launch in November has yet to rear its head. First up, Microsoft Office for RT won’t join the devices and computers that start shipping in October. Those will come with a preview version and users will be nudged to upgrade when the full version of Office RT is done baking and emerges between November and January.

This mobile adapted version of Office, Microsoft revealed in a blog post, is leaner. As part of the slim-down: clipart and templates won’t take up drive space–only the most frequently used will be included and the rest posted online. Also, Office will identify which languages a user prefers and clean out the rest. (Though, if you suddenly felt the urge to create PowerPoints in Hungarian, the languages will be re-downloadable.) Outlook won’t be included in the RT version of Office, and some email features will go out the window with that omission. However, Microsoft anticipates that the in-built mail app should take care of most of your usual email needs. Macros and add-ins will be missing on PowerPoints, which won’t be able to record narration, and some multimedia search features won’t be included.

Microsoft has a full list of the differences on its Office Next page.

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