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Apple Buyers Face Two Weeks' Delay As iPhone 5 Sells Fast On Pre-Order

Anyone hoping to pre-order an iPhone 5 from the Apple Store today might find a bit of a wait in store between placing their order and actually getting their hands on the device. Although only available since one minute past midnight this morning, demand seems to be such that, five hours in, it has pushed delivery time to two weeks, way past the expected on-sale date of 21 September.

Consumers may have a little more luck if they saunter down to their local Walmart, says Bloomberg. The retail giant is selling the iPhone for the first time—and they're taking orders from 8 a.m. this morning, pricing the phone at $189.97, that's $10.02 cheaper than the Apple Store.

And, perhaps in a move to stamp out the grumbling about the new connector, Apple has announced that it is to throw in free lightning-to-30-pin adaptors with every iPhone 5 purchase. It's not clear, however, just how free the adaptor is, as the purchase process on the Apple Store also seems to suggest that if you buy one connector—a snip at $39—they will throw in the adaptor for free so that you can have a spare one at the office. Hey, some of us work from home.

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