• 09.14.12

Is Posting Political Content On Facebook Hurting Your Brand?

Love it or hate it, political content is everywhere on Facebook. Take our poll and tell us what you think about using Facebook as a platform for your political beliefs–and whether it can hurt your personal brand.

Is Posting Political Content On Facebook Hurting Your Brand?

It’s the political season, and for those of us on Facebook we’ve all seen the political posts by our friends on the left and the right. And perhaps you yourself are an avid poster of political content on Facebook.


As these two images (both of which I’ve seen posted on FB) illustrate, there are differing views on the subject.

One consideration of posting (or commenting on posts) is how it may affect your personal brand with your friends and, more importantly, co-workers, clients, or employers. Exposing your personal political views could affect how they view you (and given people are often split 50/50 on issues, there’s a good chance you may turn off at least half of them). Is that impact helpful or hurtful? If hurtful, is it still worth it to get your views out?

To learn more about this issue, I created a poll about your political Facebook habits. Are you a regular political poster of political content or commentary and, if so, how do you think that has affected your brand? For readers of those posts, how do those posts affect your views of the poster?

Take the poll now and let us know!

Note: This poll is not a scientific poll as the results are of people who have chosen to participate and have not been weighted to reflect the views of various demographics.

[Image: Flick user Kyle MacDonald]

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