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Instagram Redesigns Its Web View For Photos On Mobile Devices

Instagram has polished up photo displays on mobile web browsers. On the new Instagram web pages, you can comment on and "like" photos while in a browser like Safari or Chrome, without moving to the Instagram app. Directions to the app view are well marked, though, with an un-missable "Open in app" button appearing on the top right corner of the screen.

Instagram's early days were app-focused, spawning a clutch of third-party web-viewing apps. It wasn't until June this year that Instagram spruced up its web photos with interactive commenting and "like" buttons. If you followed Mark Zuckerberg's ringing endorsement of native apps at TechCrunch Disrupt recently, the web move might come as a bit of a surprise. More so since it's been just a month since Instagram revamped its mobile app with nifty location integration and Photo Maps.

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