3 Billion Vevo Videos Are Watched Worldwide Every Month

Vevo’s been busy this year. It announced a major redesign in March, found a new parter in Echo Nest, while slipping a bit of backing behind that new gaming platform Ouya.

Now Vevo’s showing off some new numbers for this quarter, and things are looking rosy. In the last year, 40 billion music videos were streamed world-wide, with 9.3 billion of those watched in the U.S. Vevo on mobile is the streamer’s fastest growing area, with 18 million apps downloaded in total. Vevo streaming on tablets and phones has doubled in June compared to January, going from just about 200 million streams per month to 450 million streams in June, globally. Those numbers also include Vevo-watching on its streaming partner, YouTube’s Android app, in addition to streams on Vevo’s apps for iOS, Android, and the Windows phone. (According to ComScore, Vevo is YouTube’s most visited partner in the YouTube on the Web.)

iOS is Vevo’s most popular platform, Vevo says, and it’s likely to keep the numbers growing what with the new YouTube app just out for iOS 6. That’s unless YouTube’s fees drive Vevo’s chiefs to call it quits with Google.

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