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U.K. Finally Gets 4G Mobile As Everything Everywhere Arrives

Britain today got its very own 4G mobile network as new provider EE launched with a promise of Nokia flagship smartphones and a veiled hint that the new iPhone might also be on its books. The service will be switched on in London, Cardiff, Bristol, and Birmingham today, and will envelop another 12 cities by the end of 2012.

The mobile provider, an amalgam of Orange and T-Mobile, will also be trying its hand at what the British Government likes to call "superfast broadband." It claims that it will, through its fiber network, provide fixed-line connections up to ten times faster than existing speeds.

The launch, which was attended by current political golden boy and Mayor of London Boris Johnson, also revealed that Nokia's new smartphone, the Lumia 920, will be available in the U.K. initially as an EE exclusive. Other phones include Samsung's Galaxy S III and the HTC One XL, but, understandably, no mention of the iPhone 5. Until tomorrow, perhaps?

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