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Blue Toad Publishing Claims To Be The Source Of The AntiSec Apple ID Leak

Those 1 million Apple IDs that AntiSec hackers leaked last week? A digital publishing company called Blue Toad has told NBC News the IDs were stolen from its servers two weeks ago. When the Anonymous group leaked the files, it claimed to have accessed them from the computer of an FBI agent in March.

Since AntiSec came out with the IDs, the FBI has consistently denied that it was the source of the leak. The leaked data contained device ID numbers of iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices, and the file that AntiSec released was a part of the 12 million IDs it claimed to have access to. Security experts told the New York Times that the 40-digit unique ID numbers by themselves did not pose a serious security risk, unless other personal details like emails or birth dates were available as well.

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