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10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Angry Pigs, Battlefield Research, And More

Find out why Nokia is thanking Apple’s lawyers, and why hiring annoying people might just pay dividends in the long run. These stories and more in this week’s top 10.

To Do List 1. 5 Apps To Help You Swing Back Into Productivity Mode
Fast Company

Amber Mac hits you with some innovate tech tips that will boost your productivity.

Stacks on Stacks 3. Why Hiring People Who Annoy You Helps You Innovate
Fast Company

That disheveled guy with the Phish T-shirt on, yeah, hire him.

Nokia 900 4. Nokia Design EVP Thanks Apple's Lawyers
Fast Company

Apple lawyers give props to Nokia phones.

Gas Mask 5. How To Run A Harvard Lab From The Battlefield
Fast Company

Kevin Kit Parker fights wars and runs a bioengineering team at the same time.

Wikipedia Redesign 6. A Promising Wikipedia Overhaul, Designed To Squash Info Overload

A Wikipedia redesign aims to streamline information consumption.

Dead Squirrel 7. What A Dead Squirrel Taught Me About Premium Pricing
Fast Company

Neil Baron offers his insight into how we might change our pricing models.

Red Arrow 8. 3 Ways To Become An Authoritative Leader, Even If You're Under 30
Fast Company

Jess Loren has 3 holistic tips to improve as an employee and a leader.

Carrot Platter 9. How The Best Restaurant In The World Stays That Way

What do moss, dirt, ants, and grasshoppers have in common? They are all ingredients for the best restaurant in the world.

10. An Ingeniously Designed Kids Bike Grows With Them As They Age

Kids outgrowing everything you buy them? This bike will grow with them!

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