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Mole Responsible For Saudi Aramco Cyberattack

One of the most devastating cyberattacks in history—which erased approximately 30,000 hard drives at the biggest oil company in the world—was carried out by moles on the inside.

Mole Responsible For Saudi Aramco Cyberattack

One of the biggest cyberattacks in history was carried out by moles. Authorities revealed this morning that the devastating Shamoon virus attack against Saudi Aramco was carried out by one or more insiders with high-level access. Shamoon spread through Saudi Aramco's computers, wiping the hard drives of more than 30,000 computers clean. Reuters reports that a source close to the investigation claims "it was someone who had inside knowledge and inside privileges within the company." Hackers from a group called "The Cutting Sword of Justice" claimed responsibility and stated that the attack was retaliation for Saudi intervention in Syria and Bahrain. At the Shamoon attack's peak, hackers placed log-in details to CEO Khalid Al-Falih's email account on the Internet.

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