New Nokia Lumia 920 May Launch In November

When Nokia showed off its newest smartphone range this week, reviewers nodded approvingly at the Lumia 920’s fancy new camera and salivated over its Skittle-colored casings. After charming its audience however, Nokia evaded the big question on everyone’s mind: When would the new Lumia 920s and 820s become available?

A telecom executive in Europe has told Reuters that the Lumia 920 may go on sale in some parts of the continent in November. That’s consistent with Nokia’s vague promise that the phone would be available before the close of this year, some time after the fall launch of Windows 8. And in the U.S., The Verge reports, AT&T is pondering a November 2 launch date.

A launch is kind of a big deal for Nokia, which is betting big on this new range. Overtaken by Android phones and Apple in key high-end smartphone markets, Nokia needs the Windows 8 powered Lumia 920 and 820 to show that the Finnish phone maker is still in the running. But first they have to show up for the race.

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