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Android Tablet Market Share Shaky According To Google's Own Stats

The Android OS may dominate the smartphone market, but figures released by Google tell a different story on the tablet front. Stats from Google Play, Google's one-stop shop for apps, movies, books and music, show that, while normal-sized devices - ie phones - account for 86 per cent of downloads, larger-sized ones - tablets - are responsible for just 11.2 per cent.

Google's problem lies with the Kindle's popularity. Although an Android device per se, Amazon has developed its own version of the OS, and its users can only download content from the Amazon store. At yesterday's Kindle event in L.A., Amazon founder Jeff Bezos revealed that the Kindle accounts for 22 per cent of the tablet market in the U.S. It's worth adding a pinch of salt to this stat, however, as Apple created the tablet market over two years ago; Amazon joined it eight months ago.

While Android has, according to one analyst's report, a rosy future against the iPad in the U.S., Apple's dominance in the tablet market shows no sign of diminishing. And if, next week, we do see a smaller (and, possibly, cheaper) iPad emerge from Cupertino, Google and its Android partners, including Samsung and Amazon, may find it harder to break their rival's dominance.

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