Raspberry Pi To Be Manufactured In the U.K. By Sony

The Raspberry Pi Foundation and Sony U.K. have partnered up to manufacture those $25 and $35 computers at home in the U.K. A bulk of the manufacturing had been contracted off to China, but increased demand and popularity of the device, which sold out of its first 10,000 units in minutes, has wooed Sony.

“Last year, when nobody had heard of the Raspberry Pi, we had been unable to find a British manufacturer whose prices per unit… would work for us,” Liz Upton wrote in a blog post. “There was just no way to make the Raspberry Pi in the UK and keep the price at $25 for the Model A (which will be released before the end of the year at the promised price) and $35 for the Model B.”

Sony’s U.K. plant in South Wales has agreed to collaborate with Pi manufacturer Premier Farnell, and the new plant will produce about 30,000 Raspberry Pis a month, according to Upton’s estimate.

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