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Lady Gaga's ARTPOP Will Be An Interactive App, Not An Album

Lady Gaga's forthcoming album will be much more than just a bunch of sound files under one name. Entitled ARTPOP, it will be available as an app for iPad, iPhone, mobile, and computers.

The musician broke the news on her Little Monsters blog earlier this morning, announcing that "ARTPOP is not just an album, it's a PROJECT." (Her capitals, not Kanye's, nor Fast Feed's.) As well as the music, there will be films to accompany the songs, computer games, chats, fashion updates, and magazines, something that her little monsters, as she calls them, will lap up. Gaga also implied that she will update the app just as she updates her blog and Twitter—voraciously. "Start asking for iPads for Christmas!" she wrote.

The Mother Monster is following in the footsteps of another fan of creative hairpieces, Bjork, whose last work, Biophilia, was also less album, more app. Traditionalists will be relieved to know that Gaga's album will also be available as an over-the-counter remedy.

[Image: Flickr user caliban7]

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