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Amazon May Launch Fire-Powered Smartphone

Amazon could be taking its rivalry with Apple out of households—and onto the streets. According to a report this morning, the online retailer has been developing an own-brand smartphone and, although it is doubtful that the launch is imminent, we could be hearing about it at the firm's press conference in Los Angeles later today.

The handset's OS is expected to be a version of the Android one that powers the Kindle Fire and, adds The Verge, it will be forked, meaning that users will only have access to Nokia Maps' location services, rather than the Google version - a bit of a kick in the teeth for Android's Mountain View nabobs.

Jeff Bezos' decision to hold the presser in L.A. rather than New York, where most Kindle announcements have taken place, may hold a clue to what will be unveiled in a couple of hours. Despite yesterday's Kindle TV spot during the football game, All Things D is suggesting that Amazon might steal a march on Apple, whose negotiations with cable companies are said to be stuck, and launch a device that takes Amazon content off the Kindle and onto TV screens.

[Image: Flickr user MikeBlogs]