LG Sued By Samsung In Korea For Leaked Screen Tech

Samsung is looking for nearly a million dollars in reparations for deliberate leaks of its tech.

Samsung is said to have taken its case against rival and manufacturing partner LG to Seoul’s Central District Court. Samsung alleges LG engineered ways to leak sensitive proprietary knowledge mainly concerning its OLED display system. It’s asking for 1 billion won (nearly $900,000) for each instance of LG using the illegally acquired tech or where LG then shared the info with another company. According to TheNextWeb Samsung’s case hinges on tactics LG used to persuade Samsung researchers to hand over information.


Industrial espionage, particularly in the online era, is said to be a growing problem. A recent Businessweek report highlights Chinese sources as one of the bigger threats in terms of spying, with a separate report noting Volkswagen had suffered spying at Chinese hands.

Samsung is famously facing a fine of over a billion dollars in a recent U.S. court case which saw it accused of copying Apple’s protected IP and designs.

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