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10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Night Owls, Facebook Voyeurs, And More

This week from Fast Company: Tweet more to increase productivity; work after the sun goes down; and make sure you are only working four days a week in the summer. These stories and more in this week’s top 10.

Owl 1. What Successful Night Owls Get Done Before Bed
Fast Company

Night owls may not get the worms, but they can slay the bigger prey without any distractions.

Cleaning 2. 37signals Earns Millions Each Year. Its CEO’s Model? His Cleaning Lady
Fast Company

37signals’s Jason Fried explains the right (and wrong) way to run a business.

American Airlines Branding 3. A Hyper Cool (And Controversial) Rebranding For American Airlines

Check out American Airlines’s elegant rebranding.

Twitter 4. The $1.3 Trillion Price Of Not Tweeting At Work
Fast Company

The road to success starts with 140 characters.

Nike Game Of Thrones 5. A Top Nike Designer Rebrands Game Of Thrones

Nike joins in the game of thrones.

Facebook Stalk 6. On Facebook Voyeurism
Fast Company

Anjali Mullany breaks down the dynamics of the Facebook stalk.

Hobbs, NM 7. Hobbs, New Mexico, Home Of A Failed $1 Billion Ghost Town, Conducts Another Grand Experiment
Fast Company

Hobbs continues to be a hotbed of progressive energy innovation, despite the weak economy.

Coffee Infographic 8. Infographic: How To Make Every Coffee Drink You Ever Wanted

That barista’s got nothin’ on you.

Jumping Rope 9. Working Out Doesn’t Just Make You Stronger, It Makes You Smarter

Intellectuals, it’s time for you to hit the gym as well.

10. No Articles, Just Playboy’s Best Covers

This needs no explanation…

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