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Garmin Adds Transit Directions, Google Adds Biking Paths To Maps

Google caused quite the flurry in 2009 when it announced turn-by-turn directions on its Maps apps. Years later, GPS maker Garmin is striking back, adding transport directions to its apps that previously only helped you if you drove from Point A to B. This new "Urban Navigation" feature will be available for the StreetPilot iPhone app and the Navigon apps for both Android and the iPhone. Car is still the home base though—the Navigon app comes with a "Last Mile" feature which reminds you where you parked.

In separate map-related news, Google is wooing bikers in Europe and Australia by adding yards and yards of mobile biking directions to its Google Maps service. Also, Google Maps Navigation (now in Beta on Android), has been upgraded with turn-by-turn directions and an option for spoken commands.

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