Amazon’s Android App Store Hits Parts Of Europe

Amazon’s just taken its App Store, a curated version of Google’s Android Play marketplace that’s more reminiscent of Apple’s iTunes store, to the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. It’s branded differently in each, TheNextWeb notes and includes promotional details like a free app of the day, personalized recommendations, and more.

The expansion of the App Store overseas is an unmistakable sign that when Amazon, as widely expected, reveals an updated and expanded lineup of tablets and e-readers next week, its Kindle Fire tablet will be available in more countries. Until now, the Fire has remained a U.S. affair, presumably so that Amazon can learn from its experiences in a controlled market.

Separately, Amazon’s New York publishing enterprise has now signed a deal with the Ingram Group so that its e-reader titles can be sold on more platforms. Amazon’s big tablet rival, Apple, which also runs a successful e-book store, is expected to reveal its own updated tablet efforts on September 12th.

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