As Twitter API Trouble Looms, Flipboard Announces Video Channels

Flipboard has had a busy summer. It stormed Android, added Google+ integration and YouTube videos, and partnered with NPR, SoundCloud and PRI for audio content. Flipboard also announced a few new numbers about its users. Just over two years since its launch, Flipboard has 20 million users connected, 3 billion flips per month, and a new user every second.
To cap all that off, Flipboard just announced curated streams for videos in channels like cookings shows, science shows, news, and more.

The fact that Flipboard is diversifying its content streams is just as well–its relationship with Twitter seems headed for trouble given the API changes Twitter wants to enforce on third-party users of its data. In fact, Flipboard CEO Mike McCure resigned from the Twitter board on August 1. It’s reasonable to imagine Twitter’s looming API lockdowns will hit Flipboard and AllThingsD has heard this may happen sooner rather than later.

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