TomTom Navigates Its Way Onto Android

GPS household name TomTom is finally bringing its nav app to Android, but it’ll be in competition with Google’s own gear.

TomTom has confirmed that it will launch a dedicated Android version of its smartphone GPS software in October and will be demonstrating it today at the IFA consumer electronics fair in Berlin. The app will have on-board maps as well as intelligent routing and traffic alerts along with other features typically found in smartphone GPS or high-end standalone units.


TomTom already provides some of its code to particular Android installations, but in releasing a paid Android app, it’s placing itself in direct competition with Google’s own free mapping solutions, which are built into the mobile OS. TomTom is also supplying core map data to Apple, which is releasing its own advanced mapping solution in the upcoming iOS 6 release–having ditched the semi-functional Google Maps partnership that had previously served as a map solution on the iPhone.

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