How Streaming TV Gets Smarter

How Streaming TV Gets Smarter
Illustrations by Joel Kimmel

With Internet-ready TVs on the rise, will streaming boxes become obsolete?

“Our strategy for smart TVs is multiphased: We’re working with companies to bundle the Roku Streaming Stick, which is our player on a thumb-drive-size dongle, with their TVs. We’re also partnering with manufacturers so that four years from now, the majority of streaming TVs will stream with Roku inside.” Anthony Wood, CEO, Roku

How can a cable network deliver better customer value?

“We have to view ourselves not only as a television network but also as a technology company. That’s why we’ve made an investment in streaming. If HBO Go isn’t good, if the content is buffering, viewers associate that directly with HBO. There’s a direct relationship there.” Eric Kessler, copresident, HBO

What can online video programmers learn from cable TV?

“If you look at the successful cable networks out there, they have very strong brand identities, from Bravo, to AMC, to E, to USA’s “Characters Welcome,” and so forth. That’s something we’ve started to do at Yahoo Screen, where the voice is fun, accessible, and a bit unexpected.” Erin McPherson, VP and head of video, Yahoo

Fast Talk: The Future Of TV

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