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Conference Calendar: October 2012

KEY: Rate of Learnability/Schmoozability/Costability on a scale of 1-12

2: Apps World, London
The app-eratti gather for a two-day summit of events and workshops. The first-ever Appsters Awards will recognize industry trailblazers.
Rate: 12

3: SXSW Eco, Austin
Environmentalists and green pioneers from the public, private, and academic sectors talk global sustainability at this three-day conference.
Rate: 8

4: Women's Business Conference 2012, Louisville, Kentucky
Female business owners connect on work-life issues and leadership training.
Rate: 12

9: AIGA Design for Social Value Conference, San Francisco
At this two-day event, designers, creative directors, and leaders from a variety of industries share their insights on using design to foster social change.
Rate: 11

14: American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Meeting, Chicago
Author Rebecca Skloot gives the keynote speech at this five-day gathering, the world's largest, of pharmaceutical scientists.
Rate: 12

19: Playful 2012, London
Put on your game face and have fun. Creatives, comics, and gamers talk about playing well with others.
Rate: 8

22: FailCon, San Francisco
Try and try again. Commiserate with entrepreneurs, developers, and designers as they dissect their failures and retool for success.
Rate: 11

24: Pencils & Pixels, Seattle
Explore the technologies used to enhance the college-classroom experience and share thoughts on those that disrupt—that means you, smartphone.
Rate: 11

A version of this article appeared in the October 2012 issue of Fast Company magazine.