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Can GreenLight Collectibles Sell "Twilight" To Men Using Toy Cars?

Allow us to generalize: Girls love Twilight, and boys love toy cars. So will this month’s launch of a line of toy cars based on the Twilight films sell? We’ll soon find out, though the folks at GreenLight Collectibles seem confident in the ploy. If it works out well, the possibilities for other movie studios are endless. We humbly suggest starting with these classics.

Girls Love: Titanic Boys Want: A poster of Jack’s sketch of Rose. Obviously.
Girls Love: Say Anything Boys Want: A killer stereo system that Lloyd would be proud of.
Boys Love: Lord of the Rings Girls Want: A jewelry set with a ring, crown, and pendant.
Boys Love: Goodfellas Girls Want: A no-frills kitchen set, inspired by the prison dining room.

Illustrations by Andrew Roberts

A version of this article appeared in the October 2012 issue of Fast Company magazine.