Bluetooth Gets Physical To Power Fitness Devices

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group releases new spec for the wireless system that’ll lead to new fitness devices.

Bluetooth Gets Physical To Power Fitness Devices

Bluetooth is managed by an industry group, and that body has just released two new standards that’ll result in a whole new range of fitness sensors. Bluetooth’s low energy wireless systems are ideal for sensors that measure the movements of people exercising while running or cycling–sensors that have long battery life and can automatically connect to devices like smartphones or cycling computers to record their output.

The Bluetooth SIG had previously outlined the Bluetooth Low Energy standard as being ideal for these devices. Prior to this, devices like Nike and Apple’s Nike+ in-shoe sensor had to use a proprietary wireless standard. The new fitness standard is aimed at improving the accuracy of the data the health sensors can collect and transmit over short range, and avoid the need for proprietary hardware like dongles. Fitness devices like the Fuelband and Fitbit are a blossoming industry.

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