Samsung Reveals Newest iPod Touch Rival

Undeterred by its recent court case failure and the threat of $1 billion in sanctions, Samsung’s revealed its newest Apple-rivalling device.

Samsung has just revealed its Galaxy Player 5.8, a touchscreen media player designed to sell in the same market as Apple’s industry-leading iPod Touch. Its main feature is a 5.8-inch AMOLED screen, bigger than the 4.8-inch unit on the similar Galaxy S 3 device (although this is actually a phone, versus the simpler internals of the Player). It runs Android underneath Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, has a front-facing VGA resolution camera, and both Wi-Fi and GPS.


Apple is widely expected to reveal a newly updated iPod Touch design in September, and some case designs have begun leaking for the new device already–it’s not clear if the new Touch will have a larger screen like the updated iPhone is expected to have. Other rumors suggest Apple is bringing Wi-Fi abilities to its iPod Nano in an attempt to spread the use of its iCloud music streaming system.

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