Amazon Expands Its Content Deal With NBCUniversal

In the days before it launches new tablets, Amazon is signing deals to provide viewing material to its TV content consumer clients.

Amazon noted today that it’s signed an “expanded” licensing agreement with its existing partner NBCUniversal Cable & New Media Distribution. The deal will see hundreds of TV show episodes hit Amazon’s Prime Instant Video system–including hit shows like Heroes and Battlestar Galactica. According to Amazon the deal brings its total stable of movies and TV shows to over 22,000 articles, accessible via its web service, TV set-top boxes and its Kindle Tablet.


Amazon’s systems are mainly U.S.-facing, reflecting the difficult nature of breaking into the existing TV supply model in general, and overseas in particular. It’s this challenge that just led Apple’s Eddy Cue to remark consumers shouldn’t expect an Apple television any time soon.

Amazon is poised to reveal what’s guessed as being new Kindle Fire tablets at a September 6th event. Apple, which entered the online streaming TV and movies game before Amazon, is expected to reveal a new iPhone on September 12th and possibly a new smaller iPad shortly afterward.

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