Instagram Traffic Surges, Google Still Most-Visited U.S. Website

In July Instagram saw its traffic soar upwards by over a third versus June’s web traffic.

According to ComScore’s figures for Net traffic in July Instagram saw such a large leap in visitors–38% growth month-on-month–that it became the top gaining website. Unique visitors rose from 16.5 million to 22.7 million, which places it as the 56th most visited U.S. website. Instagram has seen staggering growth since it debuted as an iOS-only app, probably gaining much of its new userbase in the aftermath of launching an Android-compatible app and agreeing to be bought by Facebook.


ComScore ranked Google’s web estate, unsurprisingly, as the number one most visited U.S. website in July, with 190,355,000 unique visitors. Microsoft was second with 169 million visitors to its various web properties. Yahoo, under the control of new CEO Marissa Mayer for only some of July, ranked third with just under 163 million uniques–beating Facebook into fourth place with 161 million.

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