Amazon Hiring For Its New Games Effort

Amazon is said to be stepping up efforts to recruit staff for its new social games studio.

According to The Next Web, Amazon–which recently announced it was getting seriously into the social gaming scene–is really beginning to move on recruiting staff to its new gaming studios in both Seattle and San Francisco. According to data that’s been dug up about Amazon Game Studios its efforts will be spread across social games for platforms like Facebook but also on casual, perhaps web-based, games and mobile apps.


Currently Amazon offers Android apps through its own curated app store, very much like Apple’s effort with iTunes compared to the open Android Play market. It only sells one device that’s really capable of tackling social or casual gaming, and that’s the Kindle Fire tablet. Amazon has, however, been rumored to be working on a new set of tablets which may include a bigger form-factor unit, and also a smartphone. Yesterday Amazon called a press event on September 6th, a mere six days before Apple’s rumored iPhone press event.

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