The Unreasonable Institute’s Ocean-Borne Tech Accelerator Embarks In January

Unreasonable At Sea, a four-month tech accelerator from the Unreasonable Institute and Semester At Sea, will include a Google vice president and Archbishop Desmond Tutu as tutors.

The Unreasonable Institute’s Ocean-Borne Tech Accelerator Embarks In January

Tech accelerator programs are popping up in countries around the globe, and now there’s even one at sea. The premiere class of Unreasonable At Sea, a partnership between the Institute for Shipboard Education, Unreasonable Institute and Semester at Sea was announced today. It’s a sea-borne tech accelerator, and the young startups who get a ticket will participate in a 14-country mentorship cruise over 100 days with on-board tutors including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, ER and Law & Order: SVU producer Neal Baer, Stanford co-founder George Kembel, and Google VP of New Business Development Megan Smith.

“We have selected some of the world’s most promising companies all with the shared aspiration to leverage technology to solve the greatest social and environmental challenges of this century. We exist to give them the mentorship, connections, and market access needed to scale their technologies globally. Sailing 25,000 nautical miles and porting in 10 countries over the course of 100 days seemed like a great place to start,” says Unreasonable Institute founder Daniel Epstein.

Participants in the seaborne adventure include Spanish water treatment firm Aquaphytex, the Mexican Artificial Vision for the Blind group, and the India-based IOU Project. Unreasonable At Sea will depart San Diego in January 2013 and arrive in Barcelona at the end of April. The 11 teams on board were selected from over 400 applicants for their abilities to work worldwide and to build products to scale; Semester at Sea recoups either 6% profits or $100,000 from partcipants’ ventures.

A previous Unreasonable Institute class was the subject of a documentary series on our sister-site Co.Exist.

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Clarification: Unreasonable At Sea is a joint venture from the founder of the Unreasonable Institute, George Kembel of Stanford’s, and Semester at Sea. The sea-borne program is a separate project in deep partnership with the Unreasonable Institute.

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