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#TheRules of Social Media: People Don't Want To Shop Where They Socialize

Facebook stores are so last year! What's next for social commerce? Pinterest, says eMarketer analyst Krista Garcia.

#TheRules of Social Media: People Don't Want To Shop Where They Socialize

Remember when it seemed like all your favorite stores had opened up branches on Facebook, and you didn't care?

"Facebook commerce sort of fizzled out," recalls Krista Garcia, an analyst at eMarketer. "A lot of stores have closed. JC Penney was there. Nordstrom was there. They’ve shut down that part of their commerce."

Why didn't Facebook become the Mall of the Future? "People didn’t want to shop where they socialized," explains Garcia. Big retailers were putting their entire catalog on Facebook, but it wasn't enough. "There was no compelling reason to go there instead of their e-commerce site. There was no 'extra,'" notes Garcia.

So where is social commerce headed? "We're moving toward the Pinterest model of seeing what your peers are interested in," Garcia predicts. This won't come as a surprise to many in the industry—the average price tag of a Pinterest user's buy is double that of a buy from a Facebook user.

As Garcia puts it, "People like the idea of less being more."

[Image: Flickr user IKO]