Amazon Launches Kindle E-book Store In India

Amazon has launched a Kindle e-book store in India, and will begin selling the Kindle reader at a leading electronics chain across the country. Amazon says it will stock over a million e-book titles, including national and international favorites.

Amazon already has an online retail outfit up and running in India, in the form of its aggregator site, which serves as an online catalogue for small stores selling their wares online.

Amazon set up a giant warehouse in Mumbai in January this year and a few weeks later won approval from the Indian government to set up an online sale and courier service in the country. That indicates the company could start operating in the country more like it does in the U.S., though it would probably need adopt some local idiosyncrasies. For example, several leading Indian online retailers offer accept payment on delivery, and up to 60 percent of competitor Flipkart’s orders are paid by cash or card when a customer receives their purchase at home.

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