PayPal And Discover Team Up For In-Store Payments In 7 Million Locations

PayPal just signed a brand new deal that expands its existing in-store presence from select stores like Home Depot to all shop owners who accept Discover cards. Paypal has also recently been testing mobile payments at 30 McDonald’s restaurants in France.

PayPal and Discover plan to have the new payment system in effect by 2013. GigaOm explains that PayPal customers will initially need a PayPal Access card to swipe and pay for shopping at the store.. Eventually, customers will be able to pay with their mobile app, or by using a pin or telephone number.

Square made a similar upgrade earlier this month when it announced a partnership with Starbucks, instantly multiplying the reach of its payment platform. That’s on a smaller scale though, only reaching 7000 locations in the U.S. 

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