Hulu Redesigns Website, Makes Discovery Of Shows/Time Wasting Easier Than Ever

Prepare to watch more Colbert Report than you previously thought possible.

Hulu, which updated its web-based player recently, has now redesigned its entire website. The new site is much more image-centric, and makes an effort to point out new episodes in shows it carries, alongside wholly new content. Meanwhile there’s better show discovery available via a list of “staff picks” and recommendations that are based on content you’ve watched before. There’s also a new search bar to make it easier to find new material to watch, and an emphasis on letting users quickly jump back into shows or series they’ve watched before–this last bit is a tweak presumably to improve customer satisfaction and engagement.


Hulu is also in the news for a less positive matter. A judge in the U.S. has decided that an old law designed to protect the viewing habits of video rental store customers can be applied to its modern web services. This may affect how Hulu sells viewing habit data to third parties for the purposes of advertising, and could mean Hulu is facing millions of dollars in fines.

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