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#TheRules of Social Media: Think Past Vanity Metrics Like Followers

Zac Moffat, the Romney campaign's head of social media, isn't trying to outdo the Obama campaign number-wise. He's trying to outdo the Obama campaign conversation-wise.

Barack Obama has 18,738,950 Twitter followers. Mitt Romney has 881,703. But the former Massachusetts governor's social media sidekick isn't sweating it.

"We’re going against an entity [the Obama social media campaign] that’s been in place for six years," says Zac Moffat, Romney's head of social media. "We don’t have to match one-to-one what the Obama folks are doing."

For Moffatt, Romney's social media campaign isn't a numbers game. It's all about owning the conversation.

"There’s separation between motion and movement," Moffat says. "You need to be thinking past what is a vanity metric and what is a desired result? We define success by our metrics, which is starting conversations that let us talk past the media. From a political standpoint, I see Twitter as so powerful to start a conversation."

Still, Moffatt doesn't have all the answers. "How do you turn tweets into votes? That’s the million-dollar question."

The nation will have to wait until November to find out.

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[Image: Flickr user Vox Efx]

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