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Giddy App! Ride Wi-Fi-Equipped Donkeys At A Biblical Theme Park

An Israeli reenactment park has deployed a fleet of donkey-mounted Wi-Fi routers in a bid to attract visitors. Will the publicity stunt work?

Giddy App! Ride Wi-Fi-Equipped Donkeys At A Biblical Theme Park
Kfar Kedem

At one Israeli theme park, Wi-Fi’s been turned into a tourist attraction. Kfar Kedem in the Galilee is now offering donkey-mounted Wi-Fi to park visitors. Kfar Kedem, a religious historical reenactment park popular with tour groups, strapped wireless Internet routers to five of the park’s 30 donkeys. The idea is for visitors, many of whom are foreign tourists with roaming mobiles, to upload photos and emails about their trip in real time while they–yes–ride a donkey.

“Our village has 30 donkeys, and we’ve equipped the first five with wireless routers that are attached to the donkey’s body. In the future we’ll consider equipping all of the donkeys with the necessary apparatuses as necessary,” Kfar Kedem’s Menachem Goldberg told the Times of Israel‘s Ilan Ben Zion.

Kfar Kedem is a small historical reenactment park where actors drawn from the surrounding village play the role of peasants in Biblical-era Galilee. The park’s decision to strap Wi-Fi routers to their donkeys as a publicity stunt marks one of the first times that any business, anywhere, has adopted animal-mounted wireless Internet as part of their business strategy.

The Galilee is currently in the news thanks to a mini-scandal. Politico revealed on Sunday that a Republican Congressional junket to Israel ended up in skinny-dipping and drinking on the shores of the Christian holy site.

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