Siri, The Most Confused Personal Assistant In The World

Do you find Siri useful, or annoying?

Siri, The Most Confused Personal Assistant In The World

The other day, I came across this tweet and laughed:

I basically never use Siri. Half the time she has no idea what I’m asking her for, which is only funny when you’re not in a hurry. The times she’d be most useful to me, I’m usually out on the streets of New York City, and the background noise seems to confuse her, which leads to me yelling the same phrase at my phone over and over while worried New Yorkers hurry past me, shielding their children.

I can’t remember the last time I used Siri on purpose, but I must accidentally launch her at least once a day. For some reason, it always happens when I’m on the subway: “Siri not available. Connect to the Internet,” she tells me in her humorless bot voice. Usually, the other people in my car pretend not to notice, tho earlier this week another passenger helpfully shook my arm with both his hands and told me, “Siri doesn’t work when you’re underground!” I thanked him and moved to a different seat. I should probably just turn Siri off, but I keep thinking I might suddenly think of a great reason to use her.

A quick Twitter search proves I’m not the only one who has a rocky relationship with Apple’s faceless lady:

I think Siri is a great idea and has lots of potential, but so far she hasn’t lived up to it. Maybe that will change with the iPhone 5 (or 6). As Ilya Gelfenbeyn, CEO of Speaktoit (Siri’s Android cousin), told Fast Company recently “The field is still in a really early phase of development. It’s something like the search engines in the beginning of the ’90s.”

Do you find Siri useful, or annoying? Share your best–and worst, and funniest–Siri stories below, along with any tips you might have for the unconvinced (me).

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