Seven Apps Every Fundraiser Must Download Now

Non-profits, charities and companies holding fundraisers, whether the goal is large or small, can leverage mobile technology to make their event a success. You don’t have to be a tech whiz to take advantage of the cutting edge organizational tools available today. All you need is a smartphone and the willingness to give up some of the paper-based processes of yesteryear.

Seven Apps Every Fundraiser Must Download Now

From raising funds to help the fight against cancer or collecting political campaign donations, to raising money for a class fieldtrip or to build a new school library, fundraising directors take on projects big and small, and with those comes a wealth of resources to coordinate. Mobile apps to the rescue! We’ve done the homework for you and compiled a list of apps that will keep you organized, help increase awareness about your event and even get you ready to accept payments for donations, goods and services.


So grab your mobile phone and check out our top picks for apps you need to add to your fundraising arsenal today:

1.Fundraising Basics
This app is perfect for those just starting out in fundraising or those needing fresh ideas for the events they are coordinating. Full of tips and tricks, Fundraising Basics provides you with timesaving methods and information to tackle the obstacles you may encounter. In this Android app you will find: 10 things your fundraising plan must include and how to put it together, 12 things your website must tell your visitors, and 6 common-sense but overlooked ways to find untapped pools of donors – among other advice.

While it is branded as a family organization app, Cozi’s features go well beyond a purely family application. Cozi’s tagline “Bye bye chaos. Hello coordinated.” is no joke. Not only does the calendar feature keep you organized, but you can also create to-do lists and keep a journal of the event. Cozi’s calendar feature allows you to sync with Outlook or import another Internet calendar. Cozi is packed full of tons of other helpful features: you can set up reminders by text or email and get a weekly agenda delivered to your inbox; you can assign a member of the volunteer team to a list, or keep a shared “to do” list everyone can access; you can even send an email or text to a specific list, or anyone involved in the event planning at once to keep everyone on the same page. Best of all, Cozi is available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry, so no matter what device you are using, you can take full advantage of this robust organization app.

The free PayAnywhere app allows you to accept credit cards with your iPhone, iPad, Android or BlackBerry device. Once you download the app you can apply for a PayAnywhere account. PayAnywhere then mails you out a free credit card reader that plugs into your phone. With no monthly fees or minimums and the lowest swiped transaction rates in the industry (just 2.69%), PayAnywhere is a valuable tool for non-profits and charities looking to accept credit cards while putting the most money possible towards their cause. Using the PayAnywhere app fundraising directors can view real-time reports that track their fundraising and auction goals. Transactions processed with PayAnywhere also generate an electronic customizable receipt for donor’s tax records that can be emailed directly to them. Instantly collect payments via credit card at auctions and other events, and never miss out on a donation because you don’t accept credit cards. No matter the size of your fundraising efforts, PayAnywhere helps you get paid like a pro.

During your event it’s important to communicate why people should get involved. To communicate this message, event organizers typically put together presentations, often designed to pull at donor’s heartstrings. With traditional, boring PowerPoint presentations it’s harder to engage your audience. Why not try something new to get their attention? Keynote for iOS makes it easy to create world-class presentations with animated charts and transitions with dazzling effects. It’s as simple as touching and tapping. The Keynote Remote app is also available in iTunes which allows you to control your presentation from wherever you are in the room; tapping to play and swiping to advance your presentation. Engage your audience and communicate your message with style. Your donors will take notice!

Even small non-profits need to track information on their donors, and DonorPerfect is just the tool to get it done. This powerful fundraising software offers apps for iPhone and Android. From the app you can keep track of upcoming donor appointments, call or email contacts with just a tap, and find donors near your current location. Your full donor database is at your fingertips, so you can look up donor records, including notes, gifts and addresses, and even update notes from the road.


giveonthemobile is the next generation of social engagement for charitable causes. Via the app, fundraising directors can collect donations, share news and even empower evangelists to spread the word and pitch in by collecting funds on their own. Available for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry, giveonthemobile is a great way for supporters of your cause to really get involved and donate, spread the news or fundraise on your behalf.

When all is said and done, let’s not forget the importance of saying thank you. The free ThankYouPro app lets you send a professional grade, fully customizable thank you cards right from your phone that will be printed and delivered on your behalf via U.S. Mail. ThankYouPro’s close attention to details such as the use of custom images or your own logo, a wide range of fonts and colors, and the unique ability to capture your signature and then print it in an ink that closely resembles a handwritten note make this app a valuable tool for thanking volunteers, donors and others who have contributed to the success of your fundraising efforts or event.

Armed with these seven apps, fundraisers have the advanced tools they need to stay organized, promote their efforts and conduct transactions; all from the palm of their hand.

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