In U.S. Samsung Reveals 10.1-Inch Galaxy Note As iPad Rival

In the U.S. Samsung’s just revealed its next device designed to combat the market dominance of Apple’s iPad tablet.

Samsung has a press event in New York today to reveal its 10.1-inch Galaxy Note, a tablet that’s an evolution of its 5-inch Galaxy Note “phablet” smartphone instead of its better-known Galaxy Tab tablet lineup. The new Note’s distinguishing feature is a pressure sensitive stylus and apps that are designed to promote productivity (a little reminiscent of Microsoft’s abandoned Courier project). It’s also a quad-core device, running Android 4.0 and comes in a Wi-fi only edition at launch for $499 for a 16GB entry level model. A LTE edition is promised soon. The Wi-fi editions are available from tomorrow.


Samsung is embroiled in a pitched battle with Apple over alleged copying of the iPhone and iPad design, although it remains a key Apple component supplier and is still a global force in the smartphone and tablet market. But as brand new stats show, the leader in the tablet market remains Apple, securing a 69% worldwide market share in the second quarter of 2012–its highest since the first quarter of 2011. Apple is strongly rumored to be releasing a smaller iPad with a 7-inch screen for a much-reduced price later in the year.

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