Tina Roth Eisenberg’s 8 Mantras For Success

Don’t be a complainer, make things better.

That mantra led Swissmiss founder Tina Roth Eisenberg into several successful side businesses. When she didn’t like the removable tattoos her daughter came home with one day, she created Tattly, a line of designer temporary tattoos. She couldn’t find a to-do app she liked, so she built the one she wanted: Teuxdeux. When the perfect work space proved impossible to find, she organized a collaborative co-working space complete with Friday night beer and Rockband blowouts. “These have all turned into accidental businesses,” she says. But they were only possible because she lives by the basic principle of creating instead of complaining.

That’s just one of eight principles in this week’s Build-A-Business mentor lesson (last week’s, from Tim Ferriss, was about building a million dollar side business). It’s part of a competition that encourages anyone with an idea to start an online business. This year’s winners will each get a $50,000 investment from mentors like Tim Ferriss, Daymond John, Tina Roth Eisenberg, and Eric Ries. But finding your passion and turning it into a million dollar business? You’ll have to do that on your own.

You can enter the competition by going here.

[Image: Flickr user Jason Kuffer]NR