Google Tests Gmail Emails In Search Results

Google, builder of cyborg glasses and driverless cars, is announcing a few tweaks to the thing it’s best known for: search. For one, plain-old search results will now be powered by Knowledge Graph in all English-speaking countries. An addition to what Google promised us in May: when search results display, a panel of videos and images will now show up at the top of the search results queue.

Google is also thinking about mixing up Gmail emails in search results. When you enter a search term, you’ll see Google results queue up per usual. Also, you’ll see a pane on the right that includes any emails that contain the words you searched for. Google has a beta trial up for anyone who lives in an English-speaking country and wants to test the feature.

A bit of news for Google searchers with an iPhone or iPad: Google is linking Voice Search feature and Knowledge Graph and activating the bundle on the Google iOS app. This means that if you yell at your iPhone it will search the web for you.

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