Facebook’s Latest Mobile Ad Product Advertises Other Apps

Facebook has a mobile problem. Many of its users have transitioned from logging in through their browsers to logging in on phones and tablets, but advertising revenue has not followed at the same pace.

The company’s first mobile-only ad product, Sponsored Stories, launched just earlier this summer. Today, it announced its second: mobile ads for apps.

Facebook users who click these new ads will be taken to the Google Play or the App Store to buy the apps they advertise. Developers can purchase them using a simple dashboard that asks for little more than audience and budget, similar to the interface used for advertising on the web platform.

The holy grail of app-store marketing is being featured in an app store. But if an app store won’t have you, buying a presence on Facebook’s app makes a pretty logical second choice. The platform has 543 million mobile users as of June. And according to Facebook developer Vijaye Raji–who announced the new ads on the Facebook Developer Blog–links on Facebook have sent users to Google Play and the Apple App Store 146 million times in the last 30 days alone.SK