And Shazam! 5 Billion Songs, TV Ads, And Shows Tagged

Pink’s “Blow Me One Last Kiss” comes in at No. 5 billion.

Shazam has hit 5 billion tags and counting, with the token 5 billionth tag logged for Pink’s new single “Blow Me One Last Kiss,” Shazam announced today.

Shazam started out as a music identification app, but grew its business into TV show and ad tagging. Partnering with U.K. broadcast giant ITV, Shazam helped link viewers and brands through interactive ads. Shazam has since participated in several well-watched TV broadcast events like this year’s Superbowl. Most recently, Shazam struck a deal with long-time partner NBC to juice up social engagement of the network’s Olympics coverage. With 225 million people using the app worldwide, 10 million times a day, all that hustling seems to be paying off.

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