Microsoft Revamps Windows Phone Developer System

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In the short window of opportunity before Microsoft’s all-new Windows 8 software hits its smartphone offerings (somewhat controversially), MS has taken the time to revamp its Windows Phone Developer Center. This the quite of software that app developers use to craft software for the phone, and MS has said it’s tried to make the process swifter and thus more profitable for developers. There’s a whole new UI, and infrastructure changes that make it easy to sort out tax issues for paid apps, support for PayPal, and so on.


Microsoft knows the ecosystem surrounding Windows 8 is probably more important than its sleek, alternative UI in a smartphone world dominated by Apple and Android. The move to improve the developer center is all about getting coders excited about Windows Phone 8–but the move is going to be troublesome for MS because the new OS is incompatible with the old, meaning users who’ve bought current Windows Phone 7 devices will see themselves left behind the cutting edge. It’s already emerged, for example, that only Windows Phone 8 devices will get support for in-app purchases.

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