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10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Dumb Rules, Free Agent Olympians, And More

Did you know that there are athletes who compete in the Olympic games but don't represent a country? It's true, and they even have a uniform designed by Nike. That story and more in this week's top 10.

Don't Do That 1. The 4 Dumbest Rules That Will Kill Your Company’s Culture
Fast Company

Roberta Matuson has some choice words for senseless companies that are alienating their workforces.

Slugfest 2. The Job Interview From Hell
Fast Company

Yesware’s CEO, Matthew Bellows, discusses his most intriguing (and rude) interview yet.

Google London Office 3. Google’s Quirky New London HQ: Fit For Mr. Bean

Check out Google’s new padded-walls HQ in London. Definitely toddler-proof.

iPhone 5 4. Why Apple's Next iPhone Is As Important As The First One
Fast Company

Kit Eaton shares his thoughts on the importance of the iPhone 5.

Olympic Time 5. How AT&T Integrated Olympic Results Into Its Ads So Darn Fast

Rae Ann Fera tracks how advertisers are bringing new content to viewers in record time.

Map With Circles 6. A New Point System Lets You Measure The Sustainability Impact Of Anything

EnergyPoints enables an apples-to-apples comparison of efficiencies and sustainable practices.

New Business Class Seats 7. 5 Years In The Making, Lufthansa’s Ingenious New Business Class Seats

After five years of testing and research, the perfect airplane seat has arrived. It all started with the letter "V."

Olympic Rings 8. Infographic: What's Different About The 2012 Olympics? Social Media, Basically

This infographic breaks down social media’s effect on the world’s biggest games.

Mark Zuckerberg 9. Why No One Will Watch Your Crappy Corporate "Viral" Video, And How To Fix It
Fast Company

Scott Stratten gives you the key to creating compelling video content.

10. Nike’s Olympic Gear For Athletes Without Countries

Check out Nike’s custom attire for athletes without borders.

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