The Social Media Road Map

Our surefire, can’t lose, 100% accurate guarantee: In this evolving marketplace, nothing is predictable.

The Social Media Road Map

Baratunde Thurston Confesses How His Twitter Spamming Almost Killed “The Onion”
I almost ruined my company’s brand on Twitter. As The Onion‘s director of digital, I’d been testing Twitter on myself for a year before I launched @TheOnion in March 2008.

From Pricey Investments To Fickled Followers, A Run Down Of Social Media By The Numbers
Social media is srs business.

Where The Well-Connected Go To Scheme
They do it inside a private Facebook group, and you’re not invited to join. One of its members gives us a tour.

Facebook To Ad Creatives: Help! Please!
Colleen Decourcy, CEO of digital shop Socialistic, reports back from Facebook’s first Creative Council Meeting.

The 36 Rules of Social Media
Bite-sized advice from the true social media experts.

What Makes Mindy Kaling Tweet
One day behind the social life of a personal branding machine.

What Your Social Media Consultant Should Tell You
If social media consultants are doing their jobs, they should put themselves out of business.

6 Unpleasant Truths About Social Media
Rule No. 1: Engagement can’t be seen in dollars.

Meet The Tweeters
The people behind brands’ social outreach, in their own natural habitats.

Can You Learn Social From A Book?
Four out of four authors of books about Pinterest agree: Pinterest is important! Their judgments, judged.

How To Back Up Everything
Not every platform archives. So do it yourself.

Social Or Die
Recent brand campaigns, charted in descending order of positive payoff.

Why VCs Still Love Social Media
Despite revenue woes and a rocky ipo market, social outfits still score big funding. Bo Peabody, creator of the web’s first social network, Tripod, in 1992 (!) and a partner in two venture firms, explains.

You Hired The Wrong People
An anonymous executive at a social media platform reveals why working with brands can be such a slog.

Fashion’s Passion For Social
Sure, runway designs have a habit of being too forward-thinking. But this industry’s futurism is helping it thrive.

Facebook: One Day You’re In, One Day You’re Out
The frightening way Facebook affects businesses simply by changing its algorithm.

Can’t We All Just Get Along?
Brands and hot social media platforms can succeed–but only by working together. Tristan Walker, former Foursquare business development exec, shares his secrets for a perfect marriage.

Who’s That Woman In The Twitter Bot Profile?
They’re sometimes called “bimbots”–the army of Twitter bots with pretty profile pictures. Who are the women pictured in those photos? This is the story of the quest to find out.

The Social For Good Summit
We assembled execs from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Zynga who help not-for-profits and activists use their platforms.